How are we going to do it?

Northern Film School lecturers will run a series of workshops that will support you in turning your story into a short film script. There will be specialist workshops including:

Screenwriting from life stories to screenplay:
Through workshops and practical writing exercises you will gain an awareness of screenwriting techniques and be encouraged to write and prepare an original final short film script which will be considered for film production.
Through a series of practical masterclasses you will understand the role of the director in the filmmaking process. Participants will learn how the director contributes to the final film, what technical skills are required to direct a film, and you will develop the ability to collaborate and communicate with fellow participants.
Through masterclasses you will learn the production passport and begin to construct and prepare a short film, manage people (cast and technical crew), a budget, as well as practical elements of the shoot (sets, decoration, props, wardrobe, make-up)

You will chose how much or how little you wish to contribute and take part in each discipline. Once you have decided on the stories you want to turn into short films, we will bring in student film crews to work with you on your short film.

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